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██ ██ ████ ███████

██ ████████ █████████ █████ █


███ █████████████ ███████████████ ███████ ███ ███ ██ ███████ ██ ██████ ███ ███ ███████ ████████ ████ ████ ███ ███ ██ ████ ████ ████ █████████ ███ ████ ████ ███ █████████████ █ █████ ██████ ██████ █████ ██ ███████ █████████ █████ ██████████ ████████ ████ ██████████ ███████ █████ ████ ██████ ████ ██ ████ ███ ████████████ ██████ ██ ████ ███ ███ ██████ ███ █████ █████ █████████ ████ █████ ███ ███████ ██████ ████ ██████████ ███████ █████ ███ █████████████ ███████████████ ███████ ███ ███ ██ ███████ █████ ██████ ███ ███ █████████████ ████████ ████ ████ ███ ███ ██ ████ ████ ████ █████████ ███ ████ ████ ███ ██████████████ ████

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zero/0 tolerance

zero/0 tolerance
by Igor Štromajer

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[retour à la nature]

[retour à la nature]

Photoshop: Brush Tool
Size: 1 pix
Hardness: 100%
Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 (30 drawings)


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ôx ¬¦—ut•k


“Nous sommes des amateurs, comme vous, mais nous sommes plus doux avec nous-mêmes et les autres.”

ôx ¬¦—ut•k

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Make Love Not Art – Do Not Expect Me To Do It For You

Make Love Not Art – Do Not Expect Me To Do It For You
Igor Štromajer | 2015


1080p HD: Vimeo | YouTube

+ mp3 file (2’40”, 128kbps, 44kHz) | SoundCloud

#pop #disco #computer #generated #electronic #music #algorithm
#text-to-speech #hit-parade

+ IMG (49 make-love-not-art generated images)

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In Bed with the Artist

Stadtgalerie Mannheim
Friday, 13 February 2015 at 18.00

Curator: Benedikt Stegmayer


[In Bed with the Artist; performance]



+ Flickr Photo Album


Große Abschlussparty der Stadtgalerie Mannheim

“Im Februar wird the Stadtgalerie Mannheim undgültig schließen. Das nehmen wir zum Anlass, um Sie einzuladen, mit uns auf vier Jahre zeitgenössische Kunst in S4, 17 anzustoßen.

Wir haben im Rahmen der Abschlussausstellung ein Programm mit Performances von Gretta Louw & Igor Štromajer sowie Gabriele Oßwald & Wolfgang Sautermeister, Livemusik von Volker Hartmann-Langenfelder und DJ für Sie vorbereitet und freuen uns sehr, Sie am Freitag, den 13. Februar 2015 um 18 Uhr in der Stadtgalerie Mannheim begrüßen zu durfen.”


18.00 Uhr: Begrüßung durch Sabine Schirra, Leiterin des Kulturamts
18.30 Uhr: Performance von Wolfgang Sautermeister und Gabriele Oßwald
19.30 Uhr: Rückblick auf 4 Jahre Kunst durch Benedikt Stegmayer, Leiter der Stadtgalerie
20.00 Uhr: Performance “Igor Štromajer: Im Bett mit der Künstlerin. Gretta Louw: Im Bett mit dem Künstler”
23.00 Uhr: Elektronisches Konzert von Volker Hartmann-Langenfelder

Zwischen den Programmpunkten: DJ Mr. E (Funk & Soul Special)
Während des gesamten Abends die Ausstellungen: “Ordnungen des Zufalls” und “Boris Dornbusch”


Gretta Louw: Im Bett mit dem Künstler
Igor Štromajer: Im Bett mit der Künstlerin


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Multifeminist Studies

Multifeminist Studies
by Igor Štromajer

“One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.”
― Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex


Igor Štromajer

+ Flickr Photo Album

+ YouTube

+ Vimeo

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Pixxelpoint 2014

Pixxelpoint 2014
15th International Media Art Festival
5-12 December 2014
Nova Gorica, Slovenia / Goriza, Italy … pixxelpoint 2014


Contributing artists:
Andrej Tišma, Anne Elisabeth Tassel, Annie Abrahams, Aphra Tesla Operating System Incorporated, Barbara Hindahl, bituur esztreym, Brane Zorman, Constant Dullaart, Dejan Štefančič, Denis Mavrič, Gašper Mali, Gretta Louw, Hannes Seidl, Inga Mijatović, Intimidad Romero, Irena Pivka, Jakob Harisch, Jan Robert Leegte, Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Jelena Marković, Joško Bohunsky, Karen Eliot, Karl Heinz Jeron, Kitty Taylor, Lavoslava Benčić, Lucille Calmel, Luka Pompe, Luka Prinčič, Marco Pelos Spaniol, Michaël Borras A;K.A Systaime, Miha Oven, Mindaugas Gapševičius, Neven M. Agalma, Pila Rusjan, Renata Avila, Robert Sakrowski, ronnie s, son:DA, Stefan Doepner, Taja Košir Popovič, UBERMORGEN.COM, Valérie Wolf Gang, Vlado G. Repnik, Zečica Jensen, Žan Anthony Setnikar

Curator: Igor Štromajer

°÷ýŞ38÷ This is not art. What is not art? This is not art. 4¦8 b ×›lë ßwp© Pixxelpoint 2014 showcases the best non-artistic works by media artists 2ô†YC X™ 4¤i$”dw top names in media art, and standing next to them as equals are art students ž$ .‰˘ óy LJSAT QI 7Ž –j(” The most radical art an artist can create/code/showcase in this day and age is that which they in fact fail to make/create. This means that instead of creating art, the artist deliberately chooses not to do so, letting it remain a captive of its potential, even abandoning it. This year’s festival thus showcases the most beautiful and the most radical examples of the so-called abandoned art. N€M w z$ÂCQ EE As the curator of Pixxelpoint, what I was looking for in artists is the absence of art. Nothing else. {ˇ\w „ Ł hμ @ }”…óDm˙a=tF² – to find the art (a), you multiply the time (t) by the square of the force (F) Y ].J,6 í9 I invite the visitors of the festival to create their own art. They should not expect us, the artists and myself as the para-curator, to make, select and arrange it for them (I am like the paramilitary: they pretend to be an army, but really they are little more than a private militia.) ^®,}…¨ ô¤ ” x”Ú ¤>Ł XÜ c9c}Á … While art is beautiful, it takes too much work. And as Marx says, work is disease. ‡w 4(â‰yD 2 < n What is on the other side? Is it the other, non-artistic side, the dark side of art? Or is it the bright side (of life)? How does non-art look, sound and act? hh + e7 Ö®» A man, a plan, a canal: Panama. ˛O) w Á€$¤†’ ” †\ Î


WC White Cube

WC White Cube


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Q: Was ist Kunst?
A: Das ist Kunst.

1) Igor Štromajer @intima: @SCHIRN Was ist Kunst? {What is art?} #AskACurator

2) SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE @SCHIRN: @intima Kunst ist – wenn sie gelingt – die Öffnung einer Tür. {Art is – if it succeeds – the opening of a door.} #AskACurator (MU)

3) How to open a door (video): (Finnish instructions w/ English subtitles: “Do you know that 33% of us open the door constantly incorrect way?”)


Igor Štromajer

#AskACurator Day
17 September 2014

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Bad Art



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zero/0 tolerance

zero/0 tolerance

M4K3 10V3 N07 4R7


×›lëśßwp^Ů ßc W Ýc}=ďnău
ą^őI[}vÝr«ĺn÷ Ľ
źhµ h÷ýŞ38ŕ
Qt &ëú!=JŁ±
»Ęś úy>YV… }Ě˝€
¬,3{yÔuá 3É–8Ul‚™5T



y묮a~?2 ^3k¦up
yoa± ~OF÷,WhP]
wsşűp+ŮM ¬¦


X™b 4¤i$”dwŰ
2ô†YâA ů ‰R!h”˘!i
{Áť‡ Ó›}dH dA P‹°
•÷˝ărůµ U흼
Ý ´Ë5˘şĄ Ű
«ŞŔ¤‚JbĄ ©


h÷ýŞ38ŕ 4(â‰y
»úy>YV… }Ě˝
ÄIda?i äcc??“
íŐ¦§]s[)m}=ăk{›u ¬¦
Ô~AarD»†(ń N_- [

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Aksioma | Ego Massage

Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana,

Igor Štromajer
(Ceci n’est pas de l’art)
Solo Exhibition

Aksioma | Project Space
Komenskega 18, Ljubljana

14 May – 13 June 2014


Exhibition opening and lecture by Constant Dullaart: 14 May 2014 at 8 pm


+ Flickr Album by Aksioma

At a time when the Internet has become, as it were, dead code on screen, because giant corporations have usurped and radically transformed its initial idea; when even philosophy, social theory and media studies indicate that a true, radical future exists outside the Internet (“The future is offline.” Cf. the studies of Steven Shaviro, Professor at Wayne State University in Detroit, and Jussi Parikka, Professor at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton); when we live in a so-called post-media reality – at such a time, the questions of virality and self-virality, transposition, constant translation, emptiness and repetitiveness, representation and identity are the key questions. With the exhibition Ego Massage, we tackle these questions directly. Ego Massage raises complex topical questions of translation of the digital into the analogue; far from exploiting the popularity of the concept of Internet meme, it takes a step further, returning memes to the real world, back to its biological (genetic) context.

Ego Massage is an urban performance and an installation project that attempts to transpose virality, social networking, memes and other contemporary web phenomena from the online public space to the offline public space, and from there to the exhibition space.

A while ago, artist Igor Štromajer introduced as his profile picture in all his social networks his own portrait with two circles (one red and one white) around his eyes. The resulting image was stylised, clear and instantaneously recognisable: perfect for viral diffusion. The author edited this profile picture into several hundreds of other photographs available online using automated web logarithms, services that facilitate quick, instantaneous photomontage. Mimicking the forms of diffusion of popular online media, the artist generated an “artistic meme”, that brought about not only the viral circulation of his own images, but also the spontaneous imitation and variation of his signature practice, with people editing these circles into their own profile pictures. (


A meme is an idea, a form of behaviour or a style, which, within a certain cultural practice, spreads from one user to another. It works as a unit for the implementation of cultural ideas, symbols or practices that can be transmitted through writing, images, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitative phenomena. As a cultural phenomenon, a meme represents an analogy to human genes – it reproduces itself, it mutates and is therefore quick to respond to topical events. Although memes preexisted the Internet – some people say that memes are just the way our culture works – the Web has proven to be an extraordinary platform for the spreading of memes.

During the exhibition, the gallery will function as the headquarters of the public space intervention, and at the same time as the temporary folder where the idea is materialized and explained through hundreds of Štromajer’s selected and printed photomontages, where documentary material is collected and put on display, and where the awareness of the audience is enhanced with educational activities.

The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by the presentation of Dutch intermedia artist Constant Dullaart, who also explores in depth the transitions from the Web into the real space and various forms of online and offline meme-performance.



Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, 2014

Artistic Director: Janez Janša
Producer: Marcela Okretič
Executive Producer: Sonja Grdina
Public Relations: Mojca Zupanič
Technician: Valter Udovičić
Documentation: Adriana Aleksić

The programme of Aksioma Institute is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana.

Sponsor: Datacenter d.o.o.

Aksioma | Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana


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Ajda Tomazin & Igor Štromajer: EatingMy#Self[ie]
– public space video (17′ 48″ / loop)
Frankfurt, 2014

Vimeo + YouTube versions


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Beyond (spectacle) – Episode II

21 February 2014
7.45 PM

Beyond (spectacle) – Episode II
Annie Abrahams and Igor Štromajer

Streaming: Ivan Chabanaud
Technical assistance: Jan de Weille
Reader: Laurie Bellanca

Les anormales
Festival Tropisme
La Panacée, Montpellier, France + online

Live stream at

An exercise in collective writing. A performance.

Marionettes / Scripting Reality / On Manipulation / Txt Theater / Public Collaboration Dynamics

+ more details: Beyond (spectacle) & Episode II

+ Flickr Photo Set (27 Screenshots)
+ AniGIF (Screenshots)

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Bad Art Project

My name is Igor Štromajer. I am a bad artist.




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B3 Moving Image Biennial – Ultrashort


B3 Moving Image Biennial / Biennale des bewegten Bildes
30 October – 3 November 2013, Frankfurt, Germany

2nd winner: Instagram video Love Without Mercy / Liebe ohne Gnade by Igor Štromajer (category Expanded Narration / Ultrashort)

Love Without Mercy

B3 Ultrashot Jury:
– Frédéric Boyer (Artistic Director of the Tribeca Film Festival, New York)
– Eva Paulitsch and Uta Weyrich (Artists)
– Prof. Bernd Kracke (Professor for Electronic Media, President of the Hochschule für Gestaltung – HfG / University of Art and Design Offenbach, Head of the B3 Biennale)


Award / (The Prizes of the B3)


Award ceremony: on stage with Laurie Anderson, 3 November 2013, Frankfurter Kunstverein.
Photo: Ajda Tomazin


Igor Štromajer receiving the award from the jury members.
Photo: Rudi Weissbeck
+ award ceremony photo album:

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WJ-S Performances at Transnomades

WJ-S Performances @ Transnomades – “Art(s) & Network(s)”

Webjays Surfing!

Maison des Cultures, Brussels, 6 October 2013

Live at 18.10, a WJ-S performance brings together artists connected to this device for a live connected creation: Lucille Calmel (Brussels, Belgium), Valentine Siboni (Brussels, Belgium), James Hudson (Brussels, Belgium), Systaime (Paris, France), Eric Pajot (Paris, France), Pierre Piccon (Strasbourg, France), Ana-Maria Huluban (Cluj, Romania), Lucian Harbădă (Cluj, Romania), Yi Donghoon – Otto (Seoul, South Korea), Igor Štromajer (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), Miyö Van Stenis (Guatire, Venezuela).

WJ-S by Anne Roquigny




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Make Love Not Art – Music 0.1

1. Make Love Not Art – Ballade – demo version 0.1
Igor Štromajer &

2. Make Love Not Art – Dance – demo version 0.1
Igor Štromajer &

– Make Love Not Art is a project by Igor Štromajer:

– Melobytes is an online text-to-song app which converts any lyrics into a random melody:

Make Love, Not Art

“I don’t want it to be essentially the same – I want it to be exactly the same. Because the more you look at the same exact thing, the more the meaning goes away, and the better and emptier you feel.” Andy Warhol

“I have nothing to say and I’m saying it. The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all.” John Cage

“I have no special message. I wish I did. It would be great if I had one.” Andy Warhol

Make Love, Not Art

Make Love Not Art / Lyrics:
(by Igor Štromajer)

Make Love, Not Art
Make Love, Not Art
Make Love, Not Art

Make Love, Not Art
Make Love, Not Art
Make Love, Not Art

Make Love, Not Art
Make Love, Not Art
Make Love, Not Art

Make Love, Not Art
Make Love, Not Art
Make Love, Not Art

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# randomly % glitched 3

# randomly % glitched 3

50 images | randomly glitched
w/ by Georg Fischer

total duration: 8 minutes (approx 10 sec per image)
no selection – Igor Štromajer
Igor Stromajer GLITCH

Flickr Photo Set:

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Make Love, Not Art [www]

Make Love, Not Art!
by Igor Štromajer

Make Love Not Art - www

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Make Love³, Not Art²

Make Love, Not Art!
by Igor Štromajer

Make Love Not Art

Make Love Not Art

Make Love, Not Art

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A Roman mosaic depicting an Instagram user, 1st century AD, Pompeii 🎚️🎛️🎚️ #Frankfurt, late afternoon Based on a true story: ⏹️ #printmaking #graphic #kaleidoscope #win31 #msword #msexcel animal testing / #experimentation #laboratory #invivo #3D #VR Tonight in Berlin: #METAMODERNE; transmediale Vorspiel Program. Æther-Design, David Quiles Guilló, ENKI, Faith Holland, Götz Gramlich, Igor Štromajer, Johannes Thies, Jonathan Monaghan, Julia Vanishtor, Keren Cytter, Lorna Mills, Mafrieky Verkowlen, Oliver Haidutschek, Phillip Meier, Timothy Shearer. Curated by Florian Kuhlmann.


Igor Štromajer aka Intima is a pseudo-/para-artist. He has shown his work at numerous exhibitions, festivals and biennials worldwide, among others at the transmediale, ISEA, EMAF, SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica Futurelab, V2_, IMPAKT, CYNETART, Manifesta, FILE, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Hamburg Kunsthalle, ARCO, Banff Centre, Les Rencontres Internationales, etc.

His works are included in the permanent collections of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the MNCA Reina Sofía in Madrid, Computer Fine Arts in New York, and UGM:

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